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Allison and Happy Staff

We seek people interested in making an impact, becoming role models, providing counseling, teaching and mentoring, and providing support in our efforts to eliminate racism and empower women and girls.

Our Human Resources department strives to foster a positive and efficient work environment to encourage job satisfaction and employee retention. We are committed to the personal and professional development of our team. We offer competitive wages and benefits and intentionally seek a diversified team.


We are looking for YOU! If you regularly demonstrate our core leadership values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Community Outreach, then join us on a mission. If you practice our racial justice values of Respect, Acceptance, Understanding and Appreciation, then join us on a mission.


For a meaningful career at one of the top nonprofits in Houston, consider working with YWCA.

YWCA of Houston provides services to more than 2500 people each year for housing, child care, youth development, and senior nutrition, and more. Established in 1907, YWCA of Houston is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit serving women and families in the region.

YWCA of Houston welcomes a diverse range of employees who want to make a difference. Set your career in a rewarding direction—join YWCA of Houston—and help lift women and families out of poverty!


The YWCA’s compensation program leads that of many other nonprofits in this area. We’ve got great employee benefits, including:

  • Generous paid time off, including 12 days of vacation accrued in the first year of employment and 11 holidays each year.
  • Medical coverage with a portion of the premium paid by the YWCA. Dependent coverage (including domestic partner) is available via pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • Optional dental, long-term disability and medical, dependent care and flexible spending accounts.
  • After two years of employment, a retirement fund that contributes an equivalent of 4.2 percent monthly with no required employee contribution!


Because we are mission-driven, client-centered, an excellent employer and a committed community partner, all our employees are expected to uphold the following core values and performance standards:

  • Customer Service: We treat our customers with culturally competent courtesy and respect, and react with urgency and sensitivity to their important concerns.
  • Social Justice: Collectively and individually, we work to eliminate the effects of racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and other oppressions and help our clients achieve equitable outcomes, outcomes that prioritize those with multiple barriers, in the areas we serve.
  • Teamwork: We value individual excellence in the achievement of organizational goals and work effectively as a team for the benefit of the YWCA and our stakeholders. We acknowledge that cultural competence is required when evaluating effective work and teamwork and that the voice of our staff of color, immigrant and refugee staff, LGBTQ staff and other marginalized staff comes through as positive, effective and relational in a variety of ways, and that internalized superiority or inferiority can play a role in how a staff member interacts on teams. We work to understand barriers that staff may be facing and support staff that are facing multiple barriers.
  • Communication: We communicate openly, honestly and accurately with our internal and external stakeholders. We listen respectfully, solicit feedback and are open to the suggestions and solutions of others. We understand that internalized oppressions play a role in how and what we communicate and what we gatekeep. We work to be accountable gatekeepers, acknowledge our superiority and inferiority while communicating and create a flat structure where power is not front and center in the communication that we engage in.
  • Integrity: We are ethical and trustworthy in our business practices and interactions with each other.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to each other and our communities, and we seek to continuously improve the quality of service we provide to our clients.


Send your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager listed at the bottom of the job description you are applying for. Please include the position title you’re applying for in the email subject line or in the body of your materials. Applications that do not specify a title and/or job number will NOT be passed along to hiring managers. Please also include where you found the job post so we can track our applicants to improve our recruitment strategy.

The mailing address for the YWCA is:

YWCA of Houston
Attention: Human Resources Department
6309 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Houston, Texas 77021

Questions? Contact us!
Phone: (713) 868-9922

The YWCA is an equal opportunity employer and provider of training services and programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Texas Relay Services at 1- 800 – RELAY TX (735-2989).