Signature Programs

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To uphold the integrity of our legacy, the YWCA of Houston has adopted an intentional approach to creating programs and events that align directly with our mission.  We accomplish our mission by serving thousands of people throughout the greater Houston area.

Each year, we coordinate a variety of community events presented as our Y-SHE CAN SERIES to educate women on various topics and increase awareness on pressing issues facing women and girls such as: early childhood education, STEM education, housing, civil rights, fair wages, sexual assault, health awareness, youth leadership development, self-image, race relations, and more.

The goal is to educate, train, and empower the community to make a social impact so women and girls can lead a successful career and life.



If you would like to partner with the YWCA of Houston as part of our Y-SHE CAN SERIES by presenting a workshop or bringing awareness to the community, please contact Director of Programs at (713) 640-6819 to create partnership.

Sponsor or underwriting opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring or underwriting a Y-SHE CAN SERIES event please contact


We need you to donate your time and talents to create the best experience for our community! Please consider being a volunteer at one of the Y-SHE CAN SERIES events.

If you are interested in touring our program or volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (713) 640-6823 or email if you have any questions.