The number of young women at risk of unsheltered homelessness over the course of a year could be expected to be much higher. While some young homeless adults can achieve rapid rehousing and self-sufficiency with minimal support, the chronically homeless often need long-term extensive support to obtain and maintain permanent housing. image of choices building

YWCA Houston operates tenant-based community permanent supportive housing with wrap-around supportive services for chronically homeless young women ages 18-24 and young families. This project operates in close conjunction with YWCA’s Women’s Center, with project-based permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless young women. Both projects are based on Housing First principles; they serve 100% chronically homeless individuals or families, and accepts residents consistent with the CoC’s policies for prioritizing Permanent Supportive Housing for those with the most severe service needs and longest time of homelessness.

The YWCA uses the evidence-based Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model for youth and young adults to help residents achieve their individual self-sufficiency goals.

YWCA uses the principles of Housing First and has developed client-centered services to prepare residents for housing stability, independent living, and self-sufficiency. The Women and Children’s Project rents 21 scattered site units with a capacity of about 31 beds total (for 16 single adults and 5 families with one or more children).

To find out if you meet the criteria for one of our housing programs, contact Ashley Cotton-Martin, Housing Program Manager, at or 713-640-6820.


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