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The Coalition for the Homeless Harris/ Fort Bend 2015 Point in Time Count found that on a given night, there were approximately 350 homeless young people ages 18-24, including 47 unsheltered women sleeping on the street. The number of young women at risk of unsheltered homelessness over the course of a year could be expected to be much higher. While some young homeless adults can achieve rapid rehousing and self-sufficiency with minimal support, the chronically homeless often need long-term extensive support to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

We must work together to break the cycle and help women and girls image of shelving in women's centeradvance through life and career. At the YWCA Houston, we offer a variety of programs to help displaced women and children to figure out where they fit and how to rebuild their often-broken lives. The ability to advance successfully is not just about a new job or an affordable place to stay. It is the process of healing old wounds, learning new skills, and sometimes overcoming one’s personal inner challenges. Women on such a journey need a safe, supportive home and a community of support.


image of apartment in center for womenThe YWCA operates 9 dormitory-style bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, and a computer lab. The YWCA aims to offer a housing model that is most effective for preventing and ending chronic homelessness among the youth population. Its on-site facility allows for a safe, supportive shared housing environment and offers youth-centered supported activities that provide guidance and encouragement for the youths’ transition into adulthood.


The YWCA uses the evidence-based Transition to Independence Process image of beds in center for women(TIP) Model for youth and young adults to help residents achieve their individual self-sufficiency goals. YWCA uses the principles of Housing First and has developed client-centered services to prepare residents for housing stability, independent living, and self-sufficiency.


image of kitchen for center for womenTo find out if you meet the criteria for one of our housing programs, contact Ashley Cotton-Martin, Housing Program Manager, at or 713-640-6820.





We’re always looking for people to join us on a mission to advance women and their families!

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If you would like to partner with the YWCA Houston to donate food and/or resources or to sponsor one of our Housing for Women Programs, please complete the donation form. Donate Now


Our residents need positive influences in order to advance in life and career. We’re always in need of volunteers willing to offer their time and talents to host activities, classes, and more to create the best living experience for our residents! Volunteer Here

If you are interested in touring our program or volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (713) 640-6812 or email if you have any questions.

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HMIS Privacy Notification

We collect personal information about individuals in a computer system called a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) for reasons that are discussed in our privacy policy.  We may be required to collect some personal information by organizations that fund the operation of this program.  Other personal information that we collect is important to run our programs, to improve services for individuals, and to better understand the needs of individuals.  In order to provide or coordinate individual referrals, case management, housing or other services, some client records may be shared with other organizations that are required to have privacy policies in place in order to protect your personal information.

Recopilamos información personal sobre los individuos en un sistema informático denominado Sistema de Información de Gestión de Personas sin Hogar ( HMIS ) por razones que se discuten en nuestra política de privacidad . Podemos ser requeridos para recoger algunos datos personales por las organizaciones que financian el funcionamiento de este programa. Otra información personal que recogemos es importante para ejecutar nuestros programas , para mejorar los servicios para las personas, y para comprender mejor las necesidades de los individuos . Con el fin de proporcionar o coordinar las derivaciones individuales , manejo de casos , vivienda u otros servicios , algunos registros de clientes puede ser compartida con otras organizaciones que están obligados a tener políticas de privacidad en el lugar a fin de proteger su información personal.