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YWCA USA, which serves 2.3 million people annually, focuses its mission-driven work in three signature areas where we believe we can have the most impact:Activism Image

Our current strategic framework is the culmination of consultation and exploration with YWCAs around the country, and reflects YWCA’s legacy as a pioneering organization that squarely confronts social justice issues to make lasting, meaningful change. This approach defines our collective efforts, yet allows each YWCA to respond to the unique needs of its community.

As a collective, we look to achieve three signature outcomes:

  • We seek to increase the equal protections and equal opportunities of people of color.
  • We work to increase economic opportunities for women and girls of color, recognizing the importance of addressing the race and gender inequities that exist for this historically and contemporarily marginalized community.
  •  We strive to improve the often disproportionately negative health and safety outcomes for women and girls of color by making sure they have access to high-quality health and safety resources and support systems.