Teen Programs

Youth Empowerment Zone Camp for Teen Girls (ages 12-18)  
Research-based workshops and camps created to equip teen girls with skills needed for Leadership & Service, Healthy Lifestyles, and Career Exploration. Camps are offered during school holiday breaks and summer vacation.

Live Healthy Now. Learn How. (Ages 13-24)
Evidence-based workshops and training aimed at reducing risky behaviors and incidents of HIV, STD’s, pregnancy, drug & alcohol abuse, and violence among teen girls and young adult women.

Please contact Rhonda James, Director of Programs at (713) 640-6819 or rjames@ywcahouston.org if you have any questions.

If you are interested in volunteering, making a donation or speaking at the Empowerment Zone for Teen Girls please contact Allison Booker Brooks, Executive Director at (713) 640-6818 or email abooker-brooks@ywcahouston.org if you have any questions.