Success Stories

The YWCA of Houston took a "Stand in Eliminating Racism" on April 25, 2014 with more than 30,000,00 individuals across the country.

The YWCA of Houston partnered with the Energized for STEM Academy, Inc. to educate the students and unite in a bold demonstration that delivered a clear message that racism can no longer be ignored or tolerated.

To paint a clear picture of how racism involves a multitude of individuals, the YWCA Houston hosted a panel discussion on racism with three women from different ethnic backgrounds. The purpose of this panel was to focus on the fact that every woman has a journey that involves racial disharmony.

In addition, the YWCA of Houston honored community leader, Charlotte Bryant, Executive Director and Board President of The Blue Triangle Community Center.


Thank you to our speakers, Dr. Joye Carter, Dr. Mary Webeck and Attorney Kafah Bachari. Sharing their journey and experience with the students was invaluable.


Thank you to our sponsors!